Dr. Freda Dudek

Dr. Freda was a well-known doctor of psychological medicine in Cologne, Germany at the Medizinische Fakultät within the University of Cologne teaching hospital. She specialized in sexual identity disorders but also treated a variety of other psychological disorders. When she first opened her practice, she was relegated to a corner office in a seldom-used basement, but later in her career, […]

Mrs. Gabriella Gorski

Gabriel Köhler was born the year after the Nazi Party solidified its hold on Germany by installing Adolf Hitler as the German Chancellor, and just before Hitler was elevated to Führer of Germany. His family tried to keep their Jewish roots hidden, but eventually they were arrested by the Nazi soldiers and taken to Auschwitz. Gabriel never saw his parents […]

Dr. Horst Schumann

Horst Schumann was born to Dr. Paul Schumann on 1 May, 1906. He followed in his father’s footsteps, earning a medical degree and practicing medicine, but early in his life, he learned about the Aryan race and began to aspire to those ideals. When he found the Nazi party, he felt that he had finally found people who understood him […]

Hugo Jaeger

Hugo Jaeger had a career in photography before WWII, but no one remembers much about him before he became Adolf Hitler’s personal photographer. Not only did he travel with Hitler taking thousands of photographs of campaign events and political parties, he was also sent to document some of the work done by the doctors at Auschwitz. He captured many disturbing […]