DIE FOTOGRAFIE is a work of fiction woven into the fabric of what we know to be true about the Holocaust, the Nazi Party, and the evolution of German and international culture since that time. The timeline adheres to documented history nearly all of the time, but we have taken license to forward the story.

What might happen if three boys from separate families suffered the same fate in Auschwitz, but did not die? What if the medical experiments did not kill them? What if they escaped? How might they grow up and eventually grow to accept what had been done to them? I explore the nuances of sexual identity and how it relates to freedom, judgement, and danger in this novel.

My friend, Tom Loesch, has taken nearly twenty years of notes and conversations about this story and created a touching and heartfelt expression of my concept. Though the novel does not include everything I had originally planned, we decided to allow the creative process to guide us and the result is this novel. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.