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Mrs. Gabriella Gorski

Mrs. Gabriella Gorski

Gabriel Köhler was born the year after the Nazi Party solidified its hold on Germany by installing Adolf Hitler as the German Chancellor, and just before Hitler was elevated to Führer of Germany. His family tried to keep their Jewish roots hidden, but eventually they were arrested by the Nazi soldiers and taken to Auschwitz. Gabriel never saw his parents again. He was sent to Block 10 to be experimented on by the doctors. While there, he met Albert and Lukas and the three became close. Gabriel suffered complications from the mutilation that was done to him, but Maria Stromberger, known as the Angel of Auschwitz, helped him recover.

When the camp was liberated, Gabriel lost contact with his two friends. His adoptive father was horribly abusive and it wasn’t too long before Gabriel ran away. Living on the streets of Cologne, Germany, he narrowly escaped death from a serious infection requiring extensive reconstructive surgery. He decided, with the help of generous benefactors, to transition to female and eventually married Anton Gorski, one of the most famous and successful gender reassignment surgeons in Europe.

Mrs. Gabriella Gorski was the driving force behind The Weber Foundation, which maintained several clinics across the country providing geriatric and indigent care for thousands.

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      If trans surgeries are a recent development, how could Gabriella be as convincing as you portray her? Wouldn’t she still look like a man in a dress if this is set in the 1950’s?

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        Many people are unaware that transsexual surgery and hormone replacement therapy are not new developments. In recent years, the technology has improved leading to better and more convincing outcomes for today’s post-operative transsexuals, but in-depth research in the field dates back to before 1900. Dr. Harry Benjamin, one of the historical characters in our story, was doing pioneering work in the early 1900’s and wrote The Transsexual Phenomenon which is still the go-to volume on the psychological aspects of sexuality in these patients. Look in the About>References section for a link to his book.

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