Ancillary Characters
Jürgen Żądło

Jürgen Żądło

A polish medical student in his youth, Jürgen did not have the mind for advanced medical theory, but he was good with numbers and he was a tough young man. When he was reassigned from Hitler’s Youth by the SS to Auschwitz, he thought it was a dream come true. Surrounded by the work he loved, he could now put his skills to use exterminating the Jewish race.

When he was assigned to the newly arrived Dr. Horst Schumann, he was in disbelief. He knew of Schumann from his days in medical research and he admired the doctor’s goal of a self-actualizing extinction method, but Dr. Schumann never seemed to appreciate his work. He was always early, always helping, always there to take care of documentation and report writing, but Schumann never seemed to notice his efforts.

Now, one of the Jews had made a mistake and tried to trace Dr. Schumann. Jürgen must move from Frankfurt to Cologne to hunt down a woman named Dr. Freda Dudek. She is somehow putting Dr. Schumann in danger and he must find out how and if necessary, remove the threat.

Then, there is this woman, Gabriella Gorski. She is somehow connected, but trying to concentrate around her is nearly impossible. Her neck looks so delicate.

Fictional Character