Historical Figures
Hugo Jaeger

Hugo Jaeger

Hugo Jaeger had a career in photography before WWII, but no one remembers much about him before he became Adolf Hitler’s personal photographer. Not only did he travel with Hitler taking thousands of photographs of campaign events and political parties, he was also sent to document some of the work done by the doctors at Auschwitz. He captured many disturbing images of emaciated Jews and the pseudo-medical experiments that were being conducted.

He escaped capture by the Russians and the Americans, but during his escape, he was apprehended by the American army while carrying a satchel filled with photographs of the most reviled man in the world…and a bottle of cognac which he shared with the soldiers. They allowed him to walk away. He first buried the pictures, then moved them to a vault for a decade before selling them to Time Magazine for publication.

Historical Figure

Note: Many of the events surrounding his life after the war and his relationship with Maria Stromberger are entirely fictional.