The Book
Horace Krämer

Horace Krämer

Horace always remembered being a disappointment to his father. The accounting firm his father owned was one of the few that survived the transition to Nazi rule and back again. His father was quite proud of all he had accomplished, but when it came time for Horace to join the company, he was disdainful. Horace worked hard to become a valuable contributor, but at any opportunity, his father would belittle or discount his work.

He always harbored a desire to dress in women’s clothes and wear makeup, but he never thought of himself as female. The predilection lead to a deep depression when his two lives began to clash. At twenty-five, he found Dr. Freda Dudek. She helped him understand why he snuck out to the Red Light District at night and why she sought out dangerous situations. He had been assaulted and beaten more than once, but Horace said it made him feel alive.

Horace used his connections a few times to help Dr. Freda when she came to him with a proposal to help a Nazi hunting group using his financial acumen. While he helped the doctor, he chanced to meet Gabriella Gorski and Gerta, the owner of Kaberett Seks, the most popular and exotic performance club in Cologne. There, she also met Elke Rossen, the famous burlesque performer of advanced years. Elke immediately took the young Lolita Lipschitz under her wing. Horace began to feel like he had found a new family. No one ever saw him cry before the day Elke died.

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