The Book
Dr. Wilhelm Nowitz

Dr. Wilhelm Nowitz

His late wife had told him many times that he should retire and he was considering it when she was diagnosed. In just a few short months, she was gone, so rather than retire, he scaled his practice back to the few clients he had come to know well. Dr. Freda Dudek was a remarkable young woman. Not only had she excelled at scholastic activities, but she had refused to let a bout of Osteonecrosis in her youth stop her. He knew it caused her some discomfort. He could see that in the way she moved.

When she came to see him, he could always smell the gin. She probably thought that no one could tell and he was careful never to let her see his notes, but there was never an entry where he did not note the juniper odor on her breath. As he grew to know her and her issues, she began to open up about a Nazi-hunting endeavor of some type. He wasn’t sure of it’s precise nature, and it would normally be none of his business, but since the break-in, he might have to reconsider.

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