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Dr. Horst Schumann

Dr. Horst Schumann

Horst Schumann was born to Dr. Paul Schumann on 1 May, 1906. He followed in his father’s footsteps, earning a medical degree and practicing medicine, but early in his life, he learned about the Aryan race and began to aspire to those ideals. When he found the Nazi party, he felt that he had finally found people who understood him and shared his passions.

Within the Nazi Party, his work was recognized and he was promoted to SS-Sturmbannführer, equivalent to a Major in the American Army. The weakness of the Americans who tolerated and even invited many inferior races to live within their borders was revolting to him and he put his special knowledge of radiation sterilization and surgical emasculation to use for the Third Reich. He personally assisted the Reich in eradicating all mentally ill and indigent people by euthanizing them. Then the Nazis began transporting more patients to the asylums and care facilities to be euthanized. This was the beginning of the Holocaust and the reason Winston Churchill bombed all asylums throughout Germany, which would otherwise be seen as a horrific act.

Once assigned to Auschwitz, he conducted experiments using X-rays and surgery to find a way to systematically alter the Jews so that they would be unable to reproduce and, therefore, go extinct. He narrowly escaped the Red Army when Germany was liberated, eventually finding his way to Khartoum, Sudan where he hid in plain sight. A journalist published an article about escaped Nazis and someone recognized him so he fled to Ghana where he enjoyed the temporary protection of Kwame Nkrumah, the warlord and first President of Ghana. When Nkrumah was overthrown in a coup, the next President, Joseph Arthur Ankrah, allowed him to be extradited to Germany to stand trial.

Even though Dr. Horst Schumann admitted to a court in Frankfurt that he had killed so many Jews that he could not remember the numbers, doctors said that he could not stand trial due to a heart condition.  After only two years, he was released from prison and died a free man on 5 May, 1983.

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      If Dr. Schumann got away with killing so many people, why would you write about him?

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        That kinda sucks, doesn’t it? In real life, Dr. Horst Schumann felt entirely justified in torturing and killing people in a misguided attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish (race) people. When he was finally brought to answer for his crimes, the court behaved in a civilized manner toward him, which was more than he deserved. The argument that he must be convicted before being executed was at odds with a heart condition that might have killed him during the trial. We used Dr. Schumann to teach the lesson that even though you might try to do the right thing, sometimes you may have to stand back and watch a criminal get away with his crime. It is a lesson that you don’t have to become an animal to hunt an animal.

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