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Dr. Freda Dudek

Dr. Freda Dudek

Dr. Freda was a well-known doctor of psychological medicine in Cologne, Germany at the Medizinische Fakultät within the University of Cologne teaching hospital. She specialized in sexual identity disorders but also treated a variety of other psychological disorders. When she first opened her practice, she was relegated to a corner office in a seldom-used basement, but later in her career, she reformed the splintering treatment specialties related to sexual disorders into a new department.

After the war, she was stricken with a bone disease that still causes her some pain, but she had strong motivation to keep going. Since opening her practice, she began donating a large portion of her income to Victor Greko, a veteran of various Nazi hunting groups working to bring war criminals to justice.

When she discovers Albert Novak, she learns of him and his two friends who were mutilated in Nazi experiments and begins searching for the other two boys only to find out that she has become a target of Dr. Horst Schumann, the Nazi doctor who admitted to killing over 80,000 Jews in the Holocaust.

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