The Book
Albert Novak

Albert Novak

Born in 1934, Albert was an active child. His parents involved him in the synagogue very early and his studies were going well. They looked forward to the day when their only son would celebrate his bar mitzvah and someday have a family of his own, but with the rising power of the Nazi Party, they knew that troubling times were ahead.

One night, they were the target of a lapanka (round-up) and were dragged from their home by the Nazis. Albert was separated from his parents and was selected for pseudo-medical experiments in Auschwitz and moved to Block 10 within the camp where he was mutilated by Dr. Horst Schumann in an attempt to find a cost-effective way to exterminate the Jewish race by mass-sterilization. While there, he met Gabriel and Lukas and the three became inseparable. They were liberated by the Russian army and cared for by The Red Cross doctors and nurses.

Albert lost touch with his dear friends when he was adopted into the Rabinowitz family. Throughout college and seminary school, he had problems related to his mutilation and eventually suffered a psychotic break resulting in more than one suicide attempt. Dr. Freda Dudek found him languishing in the Wiesenhof Asylum and worked to restore him to mental and physical health.

He later became a journalist and novelist. You may have read some of his work.

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