By Phillip Martin Johnson
with William Thomas Loesch III

Dr. Horst Schumann experimented on them at Auschwitz, but the three friends escaped.  Join Dr. Freda Dudek as she searches for them decades later, but by reuniting them, she becomes a target herself.  Dr. Schumann and his comrades in the Nazi sympathizer network have set a trap.  Only by reuniting all three friends can she escape the trap and bring Schumann to justice.

75th Anniversary Of The End Of WWII
This book was written in part, to commemorate the end of WWII and to pay homage to all those who lost their lives to fascism.

When the Houston Holocaust Museum opened in 1996, the author and his best friend visited. They were both very much affected by what they learned and Phillip began to develop an idea. He saw a picture of emaciated youths and began to imagine what might happen if three friends escaped Auschwitz, were separated, then found each other again later in life? How would they endure as orphans? Might they seek revenge?

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